what are the quietest generators

What Are the Quietest Generators? Top 5 Compared & Reviewed!

What are the quietest generators? Quiet generators are ideal for homes located in highly developed suburbs since such units will produce less noise and are usually constructed with a smaller build. Here, we will help you find the best generator for your money by comparing and reviewing the top offers in the market.

We will take a look at the specifications, power, construction, noise level, and more aspects that make the best unit for home or commercial use.

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Honda EU3000iS Super Quiet Generator

what are the quietest generatorsWith super quiet operation, the Honda EU3000iS is best for small homes that need steady electricity supply during outages. With Honda’s 3,000-watt power, it can run a fridge, furnace, microwave, and 13,500 BTU AC units.

This generator is also safe for frequency-sensitive gadgets like laptops, computers, and mobile devices. The same thing for its EU2200i version

Its 3.4-gallon fuel capacity can run for 20 hours under a moderate load. Aside from the power it carries, the Honda EU3000iS both has an electric and manual start for utmost convenience.

This unit has a starting 3,000 watts and a running 2,800 watts. Using the Eco-Throttle mode, the usual 7-hour run can be stretched to 20 hours at ¼ load. The best quiet portable generator reviews say the same!

For those who need more electricity, this unit can be paralleled to another Honda generator to increase its electrical output. Nevertheless, it will operate with the same whisper quiet at around 50 to 57 dBA. If paralleled to another EU3000iS, this will yield a total of 5,600 watts of running power.

The Honda EU3000iS is the best choice for RVs, but it’s not recommended to store it inside during operation. The generator is on the heavy side with its 144-pound weight. The two handles on each side of this generator mean that it’s a two-man job to transport it.


✔️Ultra-quiet operation perfect for residential areas

✔️The Eco-Throttle mode extends the running time per tank

✔️Perfect for camping, RVs, and home use

✔️Sports both an electric and recoil pull start


❌Heavy at around 144 pounds

❌There’s no fuel gauge to check the level of gas left

❌A very powerful generator but very expensive too


Champion 3,400-Watt Dual Fuel Generator

what are the quietest generatorsWhat are the quietest generators? Ready to use straight from the box, the Champion 3,400-Watt Generator does its best as the top choice for clean electricity, quiet operation, and portability. It has 3,060 starting watts and 2,800 running watts.

This generator can be operated using gasoline or propane with the hose included in the package. This will run for 7.5 hours using gasoline while 14.5 if using propane fuel under ¼ load. When used with the Economy mode, this will run longer and quieter.

For more power, the Champion generator comes with an optional parallel kit to connect another Champion generator. Everything is accessible on its quick touch panel.

The Champion generator uses both recoil and electric start paired with a three-position ignition switch. During operation, this will be ultra-quiet at around 59 dBA.

Its clean power is safe and perfect even for sensitive devices like laptops and mobile gadgets. Since it’s RV-ready, it comes with a 120V 30A slot. There’s also a USB adapter, 120V 20A ports, and 12V DC outlet.

The Champion generator is also lightweight at 96 pounds and it already comes with a wheel kit for portability – perfect for campsites, RVs, cabins, trucks, and more. For peace of mind, this is EPA-certified and CARB compliant.


✔️Comes fully assembled and ready to use

✔️Clean electricity with less than 3% THD

✔️An economy mode that pits on Honda’s Eco-Throttle mode

✔️Can be operated on either gasoline or propane

✔️Has a wireless remote that can work up to 80 feet


❌It doesn’t have a 240V outlet which some users find important

❌Can’t run 15k AC units



Yamaha EF3000iSEB Gas-Powered Generator

what are the quietest generatorsWhat are the quietest generators? Its reliable, clean, and stable power make the Yamaha EF3000iSEB a perfect choice from mobile gadgets to power tools. This compact, gas-powered generator can operate for 19 hours straight without the need to refuel. Thanks to Yamaha’s Smart Throttle technology.

This Yamaha generator has a 3,500 starting watts and 2,800 running watts best for most household and outdoor appliances. During operation, this generator hums a quiet 53 dBA to 60 dBA which is quieter than a normal conversation.

This generator has a special Boost Control Unit technology that increases the electricity output in 10 seconds once it senses the added load.  It also sports a sound-absorbing material, molded fan, and muffler that reduce noise.

Aside from running appliances, you can also recharge 12V batteries for marine, RVs, and more.

Its strong 171cc overheard valve makes this generator reliable and ready to take the beating of regular use. The large 3.4-gallon tank also allows longer operation before the next refueling. Based on the best quiet portable generator reviews, this unit can for hours seamlessly.

This generator’s ergonomic designs utilize dual handles and a wheel kit for better portability. Overall, it weighs 150 pounds and a challenge to lift on your own.


✔️Low-oil shutoff feature that protects the engine against damages

✔️Boost Control technology for excellent power supply

✔️Economy control function for longer operation

✔️Optional wireless remote for easy start up to 75 feet away

✔️Ultra-quiet operation even under a heavy load


❌Very heavy at around 150 pounds

❌A powerful generator but it also comes with a hefty price tag

❌Does not come fully assembled


Generac iQ3500 Inverter Generator

what are the quietest generatorsGenerac iQ3500 is ultra-quiet, powerful, and durable enough for all purposes. It has starting watts of 3,500 and steady running watts of 3,000 for continuous use. And with the Power Rush technology, you can induce 50% more starting power to run energy-hungry power tools.

The Generac generator has a solid steel enclosure that can take the beating of outdoor activities. With its electric and recoil pull start, operating would be a breeze. This is best for job sites, camping, and just about any rough outdoor setting.

With a 2.6-gallon fuel tank, this can run for 9 hours under 50% load. It remains quiet even if used to its full capacity. According to the best quiet portable generator reviews, Generac claims this to be 40% quieter than Honda units.

This unit has a streamlined panel that includes a smart LCD display that projects runtime, wattage, status, and even the fuel level. There are also USB slots where you can directly plug in laptops and smartphones.

The Generac iQ3500 is parallel-ready for more power but the kit is sold separately. It also has the Power Dial feature that can stop, run, and start functions in a single dial. This allows for quicker startups.


✔️Power Rush Advanced technology delivers 50% more starting capacity

✔️Ultra-quiet operation even under a heavy load

✔️Digital smart LCD to monitor fuel level, generator status, and more

✔️Parallel- ready

✔️Power Dial feature for seamless operation


❌It doesn’t come with a wheel kit

❌Heavy at 109 pounds

❌Considerably expensive

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Inverter Generator

what are the quietest generatorsMore powerful and feature-packed, the Briggs & Stratton is a must-have for those who need higher starting and running watts. Even at a reinforced power level, this operates quietly, perfect for campsites and RV use. It utilizes a recoil pull start for hassle-free operation.

What are the quietest generators? Briggs & Stratton’s 6,500-watt backup power is paired with a QuietSeries inverter technology that allows the unit to operate at 60 dBA under 25% load. This generator has a noise-reducing shell made from an all-steel frame.

This Briggs & Stratton generator has a 5-gallon fuel tank that can run for 14 hours straight under ¼ load. Its 360cc integrated alternator makes the unit more energy-efficient. In fact, this is 30% more energy-efficient than regular generators.

The control panel consists of four 120V-20A, two USB slots, and one 120V/240V 30A locking outlet. Everything is accessible in one side and you can even plug this directly to your home’s electrical system.

This is heavy at 138 pounds but it comes with a wheel kit and a built-in telescoping handle for portability. Still, the compact size compensates to the heavy build.


✔️Quiet Power technology for silent operation even during high-power use

✔️Higher wattage to run more appliances and devices

✔️Compact size that can fit on car trunks and crawlspaces

✔️Can be plugged to a home’s electrical system

✔️Telescoping handle for easy transportation


❌Very heavy at around 138 pounds

❌It doesn’t have an electric start

❌It’s not safe to plug frequency-sensitive devices when the QPT mode is on

How noise levels are measured

When looking for a generator, there are two priorities: power and noise level. The quietness of the generator will depend on many factors including the technology used and the construction of the unit.

Noise levels of generators are measured through dBA or A-weighted decibels. Unlike mere decibels, A-weighted decibel is the ‘relative loudness’ that the ear perceives as it travels through the air. Also, frequency correction is done with dBA when it comes to low-frequency sounds.

Basically, the higher the dBA the louder the generator is. Usually, generators will range from 50 dBA and 60 dBA. Those who are running through 70 dBA and more can become intolerable. Most of the best quiet portable generator reviews will tell the same.

Remember that generator noise levels are taken one meter from the unit itself during manufacturing. Some would take in 7 meters (23 feet) which is the set standard in the industry. The manufacturer should state this clearly on the product.

What is the acceptable noise level?

The generator industry doesn’t have a set standard as to which dBA can be considered as quiet or loud. Basically, you’d want to look for a unit that’s around 50 to 60 dBA. This is very soft to the ears and usually quieter than a typical conversation.

Inverter generators are quieter than others due to the technology used. Also, these units utilize a special muffler, sound-absorbing frame, and quieter engines.

It’s important to know that every 10 dBA increase means that the generator is 10 times louder. The increase is exponential so even a 5 dBA difference can be easy to pick up.

What affects the noise level of a generator?

Aside from the manufacturing aspects, ambient conditions can also become a determiner. A hotter location may cause the generator to heat up easily, thus the increase of sound.

Another possible factor is the cooling system of the generator. Efficient fans can dampen heat that can directly cause the engine to produce more noise. Also, the fan blade design and construction of the fan are also important things to consider.

Conventional generators are noisier due to the intense friction happening during operation. Aside from producing mechanical noise, this also damages engine parts.

How to make your generator quieter

No matter how powerful, a loud generator can be burdensome to use. Still, choosing a quiet generator is imperative. But to further reduce the noise of your generator, it’s important to practice some steps.

⚡Proper positioning

Always position the generator in a flat and steady surface. If not leveled, the vibration will compound and will produce more noise. Some generators come with leveling feet to stabilize the engine before use. Remember that the exhaust is the loudest part so you should position it away from your direction.

⚡Place it on a distance

It’s not safe to operate a generator near your home, more so inside a building. The trapped fumes can kill a person in minutes. Aside from that, placing the generator at least 23 feet away will muffle the noise even more.

⚡Direct the exhaust pipe

Don’t let the exhaust pipe point directly to your direction. You can move this away to divert the sound waves off your home. Make sure that you safely alter this part to avoid problems.

Wondering about what are the quietest generators? Here, we reviewed five of the best offers in the market. But in the end, it’s not just about how quiet the unit is. It’s also about how powerful and reliable the generator is in the years to come.

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